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Our Mission

Children with disabilities have the right to be given opportunities that allow them to live to their fullest potential. Too often, parents raising these children feel isolated socially and burdened financially, emotionally and physically. They are forced to make hard decisions and sacrifice substantially in areas that most could not imagine. The Lollipop Kids Foundation exists to combat social stigmas, ease the financial burden placed on these families, offer emotional support and provide a brief respite so that every child with a disability has access to a hope and a future.


Guiding Principles


Love encourages and inspires. Children with disabilities encounter prejudice at every turn. Love empathizes and resists the desire to look away. The Lollipop Kids Foundation believes that love discovers a passion within that fosters understanding and creates a desire to help.


Faith implies complete trust. Every child with a disability must have faith in himself or herself. Faith strengthens self-esteem and confidence. The Lollipop Kids Foundation believes by building the faith children with disabilities have in themselves and their environment, we empower them to prosper.


Without love and faith, there is no hope. Hope sustains and motivates, it enriches outcomes. Hope helps each one of us say no to despair and yes to endurance. The Lollipop Kids Foundation wants to give each child with a disability the gift of hope.